Egg Flower (2.95)
Hot and Sour (2.95)
Won Ton (2.95)
Sizzling Rice (2.95)
Miso (2.00)
Shang Hai (3.95)
(shrimp, chicken and scallops)

Egg Roll (3.50)
(2 Pieces)

Spring Roll (4.50)
(2 Pieces)

Crab Won Ton (3.95)
(5 Pieces, cream cheese and crab meat)

Potsticker (5.50)
(4 Pieces, steamed or fried pork dumplings)

Tempura Ebi (3.95)
(2 Pieces, jumbo fried shrimp)

Lettuce Wrap (7.50)
(minced stir-fried chicken stir-fried in special sauce, served w/ chilled lettuce)

Shrimp Cocktail (3.95)
(2 Pieces)

Chicken Salad (7.75)
(white chicken breast served with special sesame dressing)

Sushi Sampler (7.75)
(3 pieces of sushi and a California roll)

Sushi and Sashimi Combination Dinners
*Served w/ miso soup and house salad.
Sushi Combination Dinner (14.95)
(7 Pieces of chef selected sushi and a California roll)

Sashimi Combinatoin Dinner (17.95)
(fresh cut chef selected sashimi)

The Classics
*Indicates Spicey
Almond or Cashew Chicken (9.45)
(White meat chicken stir-fried in brown sauce w/ green peppers, onions and bamboo)

Moo Goo Gai Pan (9.45)
(Moo Goo [mushroom] Gai Pan [sliced chicken] sauteed in our homemade light sauce)

Sweet and Sour Chicken (9.45)
(Breaded pieces of chicken and vegetables in our special sweet and sour sauce)

Green Pepper Steak (9.95)
(Sliced tender flank steak mixed w/ green peppers and onions in brown sauce)

Beef w/ Broccoli (9.95)
(Fresh broccoli stir-fried w/ tender beef in brown sauce)

Beef w/ Pea Pods (9.95)
(Crisp pea pods and beef sauteed together in a brown sauce)

Shrimp w/ Vegetables (11.95)
(Medium-sized shrimp stir-fried w/ various vegetables in a light clear sauce)

Shang Hai Shrimp * (12.95)
(Lightly breaded prawn shrimp cooked w/ our special Shang Hai tomato sauce)

Chef’s Specials

Mongolian Beef (10.45)
(Tendered flank steak stir-fried w/ white and green onions in a sweet soy sauce)

Orange-Flavored Beef * (10.95)
(Lightly breaded beef in our special orange sauce)

Palace Beef (10.95)
(Marinated tender beef w/ a touch of garlic)

General Chicken * (10.25)
(Golden brown chicken breast in a sweet and spicy, garlic red pepper sauce)

Sesame Chicken * (10.25)
(Breaded and deep-fried in our homemade sesame sauce)

Princess Chicken * (10.25)
(Spicy plum sauce w/ peanuts, quick-stirred in a hot wok)

Happy Family (14.50)
(Chef-selected seafood and chicken mixed w/ fine vegetables)

Szechwan Trio * (12.50)
(Chicken, beef and shrimp in a hot, spicy garlic sauce)

Triple Delight (13.50)
(Shrimp, scallops and chicken in a light, clear wine sauce)

Moo Shu Pork (9.95)
(Shredded pork and vegetables sautéed w/ egg and served in a pancake)

Chung King Pork * (9.45)
(Sliced pork and cabbage cooked in a spicy plum sauce)

Create Your Own Entrée
*All entrées will be served with soup and the appetizer of the day.
Step 1: Select Your Choice of Meat
Chicken (11.95)
Beef (12.50)
Pork (11.95)
Shrimp (14.50)

Step 2: Select Your Choice of Sauce
Simply Brown
(Shang Hai’s specialized sauce based w/ soy sauce, ginger, garlic and a splash of wine)

Light Clear
(Delicious white sauce created w/ chicken broth and a traditional mix of flavorings)

Sweet & Sour
(Breaded meat varnished w/ our one-of-a-kind homemade sweet and sour sauce)

Szechwan *
(Brown sauce w/ a new garlic flavor and an added sweet, sour and spicy twist)

Hunan *
(Spicy food lover’s delight! Cooked with hot, dry red peppers and a touch of garlic)

Mandarin *
(Diced peas and carrots stir-fried w/ a strong garlic taste)

Kung Bao *
(Spicy red peppers quick-fired with our brown sauce dusted w/ roasted peanuts)

(A rich and sweet flavored Japanese special sauce)

Fried Rice: Chicken, Beef, Pork (8.45), Shrimp (8.95), Shang Hai (9.45) (combination of chicken, beef and shrimp)

Lo Mein: Chicken, Beef, Pork (8.45), Shrimp (8.95), Shang Hai (9.45) (combination of chicken, beef and shrimp)

Chop Suey: Chicken, Beef, Pork (8.45), Shrimp (8.95), Shang Hai (9.45) (combination of chicken, beef and shrimp)

Big Bowl Noodle
Jan Bong (8.95)
(Homemade noodles in a spicy seafood soup)

Ebi U-Dong (8.95)
(Thick, white noodles in a clear fish broth w/ fried shrimp)

Beef Pho (8.95)
(Thin rice noodle in a rich special beef soup)

*Prices subject to change w/o notice.